Useful Information

Below is any useful information about me, my work, or how to contact me.

  • Contact

    The easiest ways to contact me would be through Twitter or by email, linked below.

  • Future

    In the future, I plan to study computer science at university, then begin a career as a software developer/engineer, or in a related profession.

  • Work

    As I am a student, I don't currently have much time for my own projects, but any public ones can be found on my GitHub page or on this site.

  • Qualifications

    I currently have ten GCSEs/equivalents, including computer science, IT, maths and physics, and am studying for A-levels in computer science, maths, further maths and physics.

  • Likes

    I enjoy reading, playing games, programming, and learning new things. I am interested in computer science, home automation and new technologies.

  • Concerns

    If you have any concerns about my site, a user, or anything I can do anything about, or believe something on my site or in my code is in breach of copyright or other licencing, please contact me.

Social Media

You can contact me or keep up to date with me through these platforms: